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February 06, 2016
Electrical Contractor


2014 Codebooks
are in and available
at the Training Center

For more information and to register for classes please go to: or call 541-917-6199

Oregon State Legislature Press Releases

Click here for press releases

Upcoming Affordable Care Act Activities

Under the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, sponsors of health insurance plans are required to report certain information to the IRS and to individuals who are covered by that plan. Employers who have more than 50 full time employees are also required to report certain information to the IRS and to individuals.

At the end of January 2016  Harrison Trust  will mail you a form called IRS Form 1095-B ; it’s possible that you will also receive a form called IRS Form 1095-C from your employer. You need these Forms 1095 for your tax return.  The Form 1095 is used for you to show on your tax return that you, your spouse and dependents had qualifying health coverage for some or all months during the year. It is very important that when you receive these forms you keep it in a safe place for your tax filing. Individuals who do not have qualifying health insurance may have to pay a penalty for not having health insurance.

Upcoming Meetings

Central Oregon
Unit Meeting

 Thursday, February 11th

5:30 p.m.
UA 290 Training Center

If you are working on the road the new Hiring Hall Rules require a copy/photo of your last pay stub sent to hall by the 7th of each month, Via fax, e-mail, US mail or in person to exempt you from strikes. 

This has been amended effective Feb 1, 2016 so you will not be required to send in your personal information. 

If you are out on the Road you will need to go to the Member Resources section of the website and click on the "Members on the Road Form".  Instead of submitting paystubs you will be required to enter your name, email address, referral #, the Local dispatched out of and the name of the contractor you are working for.  You will receive an email conformation.  Save this for your records!

Any person out on the Road who fails to submit their monthly "Update" will receive a strike if we do not receive it by midnight on 7th of each month.  If you receive a strike on the 5th of the month and then send us your update, as an example, on the 6th, that strike will be removed.

If you receive a strike on the 5th of the month and you do not send us your update until, as an example, the 20th of the month, that strike will remain on that referral number.  It is the members responsiblity to make sure they update everymonth  between the 1st & 7th if they are on the road!  No Exceptions!  Original Dispatch Slips and ROF's are still required

Dues Increase

Dues Increase Notice


In accordance with the action of the 38th International Convention, the International Secretary~Treasurer will increase the per capita tax rate and additional one dollar ($1.00) per month effective January 1, 2016.


"A" Inside Member's dues will be $43.70/month

"BA" Sound & Com Member's dues will be $25.70/month

"BA" Material Handlers dues will be $27.70/month


For "A" members here is a breakdown of where your $43.70 in monthly dues goes to: $18.00 to the International office for their monthly dues, $16.00 to the International's Pension Benefit Fund and $9.70 to the Local Union. (In 2015 the $1.00 increase went towards the I.O.'s  Pension Benefit Fund and the 2016 increase will go towards the I.O.'s monthly dues). 

Out of Classification Call

Revised Rules


Out-of-Work List -- Local 280 maintains an out-of-work list for the Inside, Residential, and Sound & Communications and Material Handler/Lighting Maintenance Agreements.[no one may be on more than (1) one Out-Of-Work List at a time ] Initial sign-in must be in person. For each of these agreements, Local 280 maintains both a short call list and a long call list. When you sign the out-of-work list, your name will automatically be placed on both call lists.

 General Rule – An individual registered on one Out-Of-Work List may not be dispatched to work off of another list without having their name removed from the Out-Of-Work List except as provided herein.

 Unfilled Call Rule – [Provided the contractor will except out of class workers] A registrant on the Inside Book may take an unfilled call off of the Residential Book, Sound and Communications Book, without being removed from the Out-Of-Work List. A registrant who takes an unfilled call will not be subject to the Three Strike Rule. In addition, said individual will not be disadvantaged for having taken that call. They will not lose their place on the Book if they quit or are terminated for cause. Their two weeks waiting period for a Foreman Call by Name or Journeyman Recall will not start over because they took an unfilled call.

Unit Meetings

All Meetings are at 5:30 p.m.

Salem Unit (3rd Thursday of Odd Numbered Months) ~ South Salem Senior Center, 6450 Fairway Ave. SE, Salem

Eugene Unit  (3rd Wednesday of Odd Numbered Months)~ LU 290 Training Center, 2861 Pierce Parkway, Springfield

Joint Unit (3rd Thursday of Even Numbered Months) ~ CTT, 33309 Hwy 99E, Tangent

Central Oregon ~ IBEW / UA 290 Training Center, (2nd Thursday of EACH Month) 2161 SW 1st., Redmond

Retirees Luncheon

Retirees meet at 11:45 a.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Hometown Buffet on Lancaster in Salem.  If you have any questions please give Don Ball a call at 541-327-3388.

The Beginning...
Henry Miller
Henry Miller, the first President of the IBEW, died in 1896 without enough money for a decent burial.  Miller was not alone.  In the early part of the 20th century accidental electrocution among people employed in the electrical industry occurred with such frequency that many insurance companies refused to insure the lives of electrical workers.  Others set the premiums so high that the typical electrical worker could not afford to maintain life insurance for his or her survivng family.  In response to this dilemma members of the IBEW established a fraternal death benefit association in 1922 whose essential purpose was to provide the named beneficiary of a deceased member a sum that might permit our members to be interred in a dignified manner.  That was later merged with the IBEW Pension Benefit Fund.  You can view more on that here.  Also, if you click on the picture above you will be able to view a short movie detailing how the IBEW came about.

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