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Health & Welfare Benefit Plans:
We have 3 health plans available to choose from.  These plans have benefits for Family Medical, Prescription Drugs, Vision, Dental, Hearing, Employee Assistance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Life Insurance and Time Loss.

Retired Trust Plan:
This is a Health Insurance plan for retired members, age 60 - 65, and their spouses.

Retirement Benefits:

Cascade Pension:  Your employer contributes to this on a per-hour basis ($4.25 Inside JW's ; $4.20 Sound & Com JW's; $4.40 Residential JW's).

NEBF Pension:  This is a defined benefit plan in which contributions are made by employers at 3% of our members gross payroll each month.  The plan provides three types of benefits:  Retirement benefits, Disability benefits and pre-retirement Spouse benefits.

District 9 Pension:  Your employer contributes to this on a per-hour basis ($2.79 for  Inside JW's).  This defined contribution plan is totally self-directed by the participant with 16 options available ranging from conservative to aggressive.

IBEW Pension:  This pension is sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Contributions are made by active members at $14.00 per month into the Pension Benefit Fund.  The plan provides three types of benefits:  Retirement benefits, Disabilty benefits and Death benefits.  The plan has options for normal retirement at age 65 and optional early retirement at age 62.

Training: Local 280 has a state-of-the-art 30,000 ft. Training Center.  Continuing Education classes are free for our members.

Wages:  Our members have established and maintained wages for their labor.  Strength in numbers equates to bargaining power to improve wages.  These excellent working wages help to achieve a higher standard of living for all in the electrical construction industry.  Currently our Inside Journeymen earn $41.85 an hour.

Hours:  Working hours for all members are determined by a contract at 8 hour days, 40 hour weeks.  Work outside of these hours are always paid at regular wages times one and one-half or double time for Sunday and Holdiays.

Representation:  Representation brings with it clearly defined contract rights including wages and benefits which allow our members to have a rewarding career and the ability to look forward to a prosperous retirement.  We believe in cultivating feelings of friendship among those in our industry.  Our members have representation through a grievance process if problems arise at work.

For more information you can contact our Membership Development Representative, Kail Zuschlag @ 541-812-1771 or Robbie Smith @541-971-3149


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